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Paper Doll Junkie Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Updates
March 11, 2019

Hello, fellow paper doll fanatics. I just wanted to send out a very quick email to let you know what new sets we have added to the website recently.

The first addition is a lovely set of Circus Cutouts. The full set includes a lot of circus animals and performers. These would make a great birthday party theme, cutting out the different animals and decorating the tables with them. I have included a PDF printable for your ease of use as well.
Circus Cutouts Paper Dolls

The next set of paper dolls we recently added to the website are the Pat Boone paper dolls from approximately 1959. He was a well-known singer and even had his own tv show back in the late 1950s.
Pat Boone Paper Dolls
We also added this set of School Children from the 1950s. They are kind of a smaller set, but super cute. I included a printable PDF of them as well. You can find it towards the bottom of the page at the link below.
School Children Paper Dolls
The most recent set we added are the Mademoiselle paper dolls, also from the 1950s. They are very "French" and just so adorable. Mademoiselle Paper Dolls I hope you enjoy these sets. If you follow me on Facebook you will know as soon as I add a new set as I always post on there the same day I post them on the website.

Have a wonderful, paper doll filled day! Facebook

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