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Paper Doll Junkie Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Updates
April 23, 2019

Happy spring! It is finally starting to feel like spring here in Northern California. We had a very wet, rainy winter, which we badly needed, but it is so nice to have the sun shining again.

I have been quite busy with the Free Paper Dolls website. Below are some of the new additions I have added in the last month or so.

I added this set from the 1960s called Dollies Go to School. They are just adorable! Dollies go to School

And I guess I'm in a real school mood because I also added these Preschool paper dolls. There is a free PDF download of this set which is linked on the webpage. Preschool Paper Dolls
Another new set to the website is the Molly Bee paper doll set. Molly Bee Paper Dolls
These Vanity paper dolls are from 1951, which I love the look of. There is a free PDF of this set for you as well. Vanity Paper Dolls
I also added this adorable Queen Holden set called Davy and Dorothy. Davy and Dorothy Paper Dolls
Here is a Playtime Playhouse, which is actually a little house you can print and cut out and put together. There is also a PDF printable to make it easier for you. Playtime Playhouse
Here is a set called It's a Date from 1956. A free PDF printable is also available at the webpage for this set. Its a Date
I love creating craft projects from the various paper doll sets, so I created this little birthday party invitation set with a paper doll theme. There is a free PDF printable for these. All you would need is the printed PDF for each child and a small paper lunch sack. All the instructions are on the website. Paper Doll Birthday Party Invitations
I hope you enjoy these sets. If you follow me on Facebook you will know as soon as I add a new set as I always post on there the same day I post them on the website.

Have a wonderful, paper doll filled day! Facebook

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